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  • Sample art: row 1 in handbookobjects.csv is a painting called "Annunciation" found here:

  • The Artist (da Siena) is found here:

Data Columns: Contents, Issues and Questions


This is a table of art objects with maker, title, era, medium, size, donor, classification and photo information.


  • type: number
  • description: internal PUAM number, used in item's URL in online collection, it's the last part of object's URL path

Object Number

  • type: string
  • format: mostly contain a prefix, year and identifier; some prefixed 'x' and some 'y' and some without any prefix.
  • description: another unique identier, probably pre-digital

Sort Number

  • type: string
  • format: similar to Object number but with the prfix moved to the end of the string
  • description: an identifier that will sort correctly alphanumerically, correlates with the Object Number field


  • type: string
  • description: short string that indicates which part of the museum the piece is in. Examples: American, African, Photo, etc. Also contains the following abbreviations:
    • AAA: Art of the Ancient Americas
    • ABI: Ancient, Byzanntine and Islamic
    • EPS: European
    • Moco: Modern and Contemporary
    • P&D: Prints and Drawings
    • Photoarch: Photo Archives
  • TODO: make these choices into a data list somewhere. Note that even values like 'American' are short for 'American Art' - e.g. each has a short and long name values


  • type: string
  • description: what person or culture created the piece

Alpha Sort

  • type: string
  • description: same as Maker but listed last name first for sorting


  • type: string
  • description: name of the piece


  • type: string
  • description: human readable dates like '240 B.C' or 'ca. 1750'

Begin Date

  • type: number
  • description: machine readable BEGIN date of 'Date' field's range, B.C. dates are negative

End Date

  • type: number
  • description: machine readable END date of 'Date' field's range, B.C. dates are negative


  • type: string
  • description: what the art is made of or on or with; seems like a precise list of possible values


  • type: string
  • description: size of the piece in both cm and inches; human readable, parsable if cleaned but format changes depending on how many dimensions, oddities, etc

Credit Line

  • type: string
  • description: text of the line below the piece crediting the origin of the donation or the loan


  • type: list of strings
  • description: comma separated list of well known terms for what the piece is: drawings, watercolors, oil paintings, etc.


  • type: string
  • description: blank but for two entries with a copyright assigned to the PU trustees

Photo Credit

  • type: string
  • description: who took the museum's picture for them. Parseable. Some blanks.

Primary Image URL

  • type: link
  • description: URL to the image.
  • NOTE: not a thumbnail picture, quite large! Missing protocol portion of URL.
  • NOTE: there are thumbnails on the website, likely can figure out their URL and it will be similar
  • NOTE: image file name seems derived from Object Name field.

Primary Image Filename

  • type: string
  • description: file name portion of the image URL


This is a table of the art objects' geographic information. Geo info is only very approximate.

  • TODO: check this out in more detail. Well, actually there isn't much there.

Possible Projects

  • simply provide a REST API to the data for others to re-use
  • iOS app for browsing?
  • if more detailed location information was available map the art with Google Maps

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