SAVE Animals Repository


Three Montgomery Upper Middle School students are working on an app for SAVE (an animal shelter) to provide the following capabilities - * Allow potential adopters to view pet inventory and contact SAVE if interested * Allow people to see what donations SAVE needs * Allow potential volunteers to sign-up


  • Currently, pet inventory is packaged with the app as a local file - we need to connect the app to a remote data base/file
  • Build out volunteer page and email capability
  • Build out donate page and connect it to a remote data base/file
  • Data entry screens to allow SAVE to manage pet inventory
  • Data entry screen to allow SAVE to change what donations they require

Development Platform

  • AppceleratorStudio 4.0 download at
  • Languages used: JavaScript, XML

Development Process

  • Clone the repository
  • Fire up AppceleratorStudio
  • File->Import
  • Choose Appcelerator/Existing Mobile Project
  • Browse to and select the cloned folder (savePets)
  • Finish

savePets should now show up under the Project Explorer on the left of AppceleratorStudio's IDE. You can now work on the files under the app folder.

Code Organization

  • All application code is under the 'app' folder
  • All data that is currently locally packaged with the app is in JSON form under 'app/alloy.js'

Project Activity

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