uncrash Hibernating

We provide an easy way to download, combine, and appropriately label NJ crash data from 2001 to 2014.

Download and merge Driver and Accidents data with selected columns using Case.Number : FilterData.R

Additionally, we provide an interactive Shiny visualization of some NJ crash stats. The webapp can be seen here: https://wyliet.shinyapps.io/CountyBarChartShiny/


SAVE Animals Repository Hibernating


SAVE Animals Repository


Three Montgomery Upper Middle School students are working on an app for SAVE (an animal shelter) to provide the following capabilities - * Allow potential adopters to view pet inventory and contact SAVE if interested * Allow people to see what donations SAVE needs * Allow potential volunteers to sign-up


  • Currently, pet inventory is packaged with the app as a local file - we need to connect the app to a remote data base/file
  • Build out volunteer page and email capability
  • Build out donate page and connect it to a…